In the Spring of 2017, my sculpture, “Mother Nation” was selected to be included in the 8th Annual EcoCreations Exhibit at the Arts Longmont Gallery in Longmont, CO. In July, I was interviewed and my work was featured in a story about the show, “One Millimeter at a Time,” that appeared in Boulder Weekly.

Artist Meghan Nathanson also uses her materials to bring people together. A few years ago she began using recycled wall calendars as her main medium for what she calls “sculptural collage.” Now she receives donations from around the country.

“It started to really hit me that I was keeping alive this DNA of people’s lives,” Nathanson says. “I would get calendars from 10 or 15 years before. There was one friend whose daughter’s first birthday was marked and now she’s 13. … A friend of mine pointed out it’s like taking the pieces and putting together the scraps of life into something more beautiful.”

In “Mother Nation,” a woman figure, created of mostly American flag imagery, folds herself over the globe. Nathanson took inspiration from the presidential election and the Women’s March. She wanted to create a visual representation of what she’s been feeling in these politically turbulent times.

“I wanted to invoke an American feminine presence to show that we stand for something different than what our leadership is saying we stand for,” she says. “Trying to say to the world, through my art, that this a nation of people who still cares deeply about the Earth and wants to be part of a global whole.