Last year, I began working on a memoir. This manuscript was intended to reveal and reflect on the unlikely spiritual teachers and experiences that began showing up in my life decades ago, allowing me to become a conscious creator.

In the midst of this work (135 pages in, to be exact), I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. My life and my work came to a sudden halt. Although I had to discontinue my work on the memoir, I did manage to write intermittently about my treatment and experiences living with a life-changing diagnosis.

Like so many of life's challenges, I discovered that this illness was a powerful teacher and an opportunity for growth.

I have decided to set aside my prior work (for the moment) and to follow this new thread. I hope to share in a whole-new memoir what it was like to live through breast cancer treatment while maintaining a spiritual mindset and navigate the divide between conventional treatment and alternative methods of healing.

Ready to Give

At the heart of the All is Well & Wild Woman product lines is a desire to make a greater impact in the world.

Through these products, I hope to spread the message that when the deep well of our being is what guides us, we can bring greater peace and authenticity to the world.

With this in mind, I intend to donate a portion of every purchase made on this site to organizations making a tangible impact on housing and food security and all things related to establishing basic human rights for all.

The first organization I will be giving to is Miracle Messages. I have been following this grass-roots effort for a few years. Their mission is to reconnect homeless individuals with loved ones through video recorded messages. Often these connections lead to more sustainable housing.

I admire this work so much, especially because it was brought to life by a single individual, Kevin Adler, who had an idea and wanted to make a difference.

Timeless Kids

For the last decade, I have taken thousands of photos of my children engaged in their surroundings. Of all of the images I put into the world, this is the work that resides most fully in my heart.

It has been my goal to minimize my boys' exposure to electronic devices. To put them in the path of the natural world and opportunities for creativity as much as possible.

Even so, they love Star Wars and the NFL. They also like to curl up on the couch and get lost in a book. They often come bursting inside breathless with the story of a new discovery—dirt caked underneath their nails. Sometimes they decide to poke a hole in a roasted marshmallow and fashion it into a telescope.

When I am able to witness or capture these moments, it's like falling into a pleasant dream.

In the Timeless Kids Collection, I have compiled images of children immersed in their surroundings both exciting and mundane.

My hope is that these images can be an inspiration to drop into the ordinary and to recognize majesty in the day-to-day.

Poetry Spotlight

A few years ago, I was working in our garden, untangling a runaway mint plant. I began thinking about the way the challenges and rewards of being in the natural world mirror my role as a mother. This poem came out of those reflections.

Let You Be Glad
For you, let the roots in me grow deep and sturdy as a mint plant gone wild in my garden bed boldly. Let my love be relentless, taking root as immovable, tangled stems not to be untwined. Let my mind be sharp like rose thorns, ready for word from the divine, clear as the prick of brambles through soil stained gloves. Let my presence matter like spring gusts of wind that come, “I’m here!” “I’m here!”

Let you be glad I am here.

Let forgiveness be abundant, pardons plentiful as the thousand acorns on the back porch. Let me be serene and yielding as the tides, responding always to the seasons of you. Letting in and out the cosmic flow of you.And let me warm you like the near sun when winter sun’s distance and darkness have lingered.”

—Meghan Nathanson