All is Well

There is a very good case for the idea that all is not well in the world. There is suffering to be found in every corner of the earth. Maybe you are in the throes of a painful time. Or maybe you are tapped into the inequity that perpetuates struggle across the globe.

Witnessing suffering can leave us feeling powerless—as if our efforts to make an impact are only tiny drops of water in an enormous bucket in need of filling.

Where are the greater forces of good in all of this?

There is a universal power available to us all. It can be found in the quiet—measurable only in the way it moves through us.

“Forget about enlightenment. Sit down wherever you are and listen to the wind singing in your veins.” — John Welwood

Stream with rocks near a bridge

It is present in how we choose to engage with the world. The witness traveling to the border and reporting back. The nourishing meal brought to a friend. It is moving slowly, tender enough in our own minds so that we might discover enough space and softness to listen.

View of a dock leading to a lake

In this way we elevate the encounters in our lives. Our interactions awaken us and can even become holy. In this way,All is Well. When we come from this place, spaciousness grows, casting forth opportunities for connection.

Stacked stones

When we breathe in from the deepest source of us, from our original essence, grace has a chance to sneak through. To point us in the direction of our destiny. To reveal what it is we are meant to give.

“It is no secret that slowness remembers and hurry forgets; that softness remembers and hardness forgets; that surrender remembers and fear forgets.” — Mark Nepo

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