You do not have to wear anything special to identify as a Wild Woman—especially not a t-shirt, though you might decide to buy one announcing your status. You might appear as anything but wild and dislike the term altogether. Or this label might fit you like your favorite pair of ripped jeans.

You don't have to have gone barefoot in the woods or danced under the stars or jumped from a high-place into a natural pool to be considered wild, though you might have. You don’t have to have howled at the moon or cast aside your cares or the modern world or the need to do laundry.

You don't have to be young or to have always been a free spirit.

Wild Women recognize other Wild Women and they care to leverage their power—extending a strong or timid hand, inspiring all women upward and into their most potent expression of being.

You don't have to have done or been anything at all
to be a Wild Woman at heart.

Two women with long hair and linked arms smiling

Wild Women come in all shapes, sizes, colors and ways of being in the world.

You can be modest and careful or practiced in sharing your bare skin and spontaneity or you could be living somewhere in between. Only you know the intimate depth and breadth of your inner world. It isn’t for me—or anyone else—to decide whether or not you are free.

Woman in the ocean

Wild Women are their own masters. They are awake.

Your standing as a Wild Woman is not impacted by your marital status, nor whether or not you recycle—though I hope you do. You might have fallen in love with the Earth and call her Gaia from your knees or maybe you haven’t yet discovered the depth and breadth of her beauty because you’ve been out there trying to survive.

Group of women laughing and smiling

Wild Women are not always free from drama, nor are they always at peace.

Wild Women make waves and can be tranquil. They are strong and vulnerable and listening and know exactly what is at stake in living. At least in one moment, they do. Wild Women are not easily swayed—unless they mean to be. They navigate their own path—even when it doesn’t appear to be so.

Being a Wild Woman is not a static experience

It is evolutionary—and revolutionary

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