The mission of Meghan Nathanson Artistry is to make a positive impact on the world through beautiful imagery, words that stir and partnerships with organizations dedicated to our highest capacity for compassion as human beings.

At the heart of Meghan’s art and the All is Well & Wild Woman product lines is the belief that when we are guided by the deep well of our being, we have the opportunity to bring greater peace and authenticity to the world.

With this in mind, Meghan intends to partner with helping organizations so that a portion of every purchase made on will support the sustenance of others beyond her own family and community. She is particularly interested in efforts that make an impact on housing and food security, and all things related to establishing basic human rights for all.

Meghan is personally dedicated to sustainable living and much of her art is created exclusively from re-purposed materials. She is hopeful that as the All is Well & Wild Woman product lines take root, she will have greater control over packaging and materials used in furthering her message. In an effort to counter-balance her carbon footprint, Meghan will be making a monthly donation to The Sierra Club Foundation.

If your organization is interested in partnering with Meghan Nathanson Artistry and having your cause or efforts attached to a particular product that can be marketed both among Meghan’s followers as well as your own donors in a fundraising effort, please reach out and tell us about what you are up to. We look forward to helping bring awareness to all the exciting and powerful work happening in the interest of a more healthy and just world.

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