Wild Women sculptural collages


Wild Women

When I first read “Women Who Run with the Wolves,” by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, it awakened in me a connection to the women who have gone before me. It introduced me to myths that can trap us (and were trapping me) and invited me to peer more deeply into myself.

Some of the wisdom sunk in and resonated, changing the way I lived. Other aspects touched only the surface of my being. Since then, I have counted this book as one of many that has helped me to evolve. It opened me to the value of maintaining alignment with my original essence—that which comes forth when I am creating and connecting.

I picked up this book again as I was gaining momentum in my creative work—bringing to life soulful images of women in the form of collage.I knew I was called to bring the deeper aspects of a women’s nature to life through my work. I began seeing what we are made of in the diverse and vibrant images and colors I used to create our very skin.

In reading a few chapters again, I connected to the message even more deeply. As a mother—and with more miles on my red shoes—I began to hear the cry of the wild woman inside of me and the need to not only bring attention to her for my own sake, but to also bring her to life as a source of inspiration to other women (and men) who may not be heeding her call.  

This work is an expression about inner-wisdom and listening. It is about living from the inside out. The wolf plays a central role as representative of our connection to The Divine, our highest-selves, our creative selves—all of which cannot be ignored. These women represent the power and the presence of feminine transformation on our planet—and within us—relevant today and only growing stronger.